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"A stunningly beautiful set of songs filled with catchy melodies and mysterious subjects...The CD begins with the upbeat WHAT IS REAL, a full throttle acoustic rocker that establishes Mason's songwriting ability and musical prowess..." - Mish Mash

"A gentle and musical talent that soothes. The lyrics are compelling and hard hitting without being graphic, they're subtle and intelligent. This is a five song record with continuity and a unique style - Mason blends her influences into a single consistent sound - a welcome aural delight." - earBuzz.com

"Ms. Mason shows us that she can rock...HALFWAY, THROUGH NIGHT makes us see the truth in everything whether we want to or not. Randy Mason's sweet voice speaks with the friendliness of a folk singer and a brilliant forthrightness." - Music Scene

Halfway, through Night

Released in 1998, Halfway, through Night (produced by Bob Stander and Randy Mason) is Randy Mason's only CD. EP-length, it contains the following five songs, which can be purchased, downloaded, or streamed from all major websites and outlets: 

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